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Creating directories by dependency now a little easier Bug 750303 has landed and will help make dependent directory creation for {+/-nop} builds a bit easier. Current handling involves generating dependencies with the mkdir_deps library function then listing them as explicit target pre-requisites within a makefile:     lib-preqs … Continue reading

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makefiles howto: threadsafe mkdir

Directory creation within makefiles can now be handled in a consistent manner that is both thread safe and dependency driven. Directories will be created on demand and the mkdir command invoked within a shell only when needed. Bug 680246 has … Continue reading

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makefile landmines

Makefile landmines: avoiding limb loss [ps] ignore a similar makefile post I made yesterday. Somehow draft+update implied publish and the original content was not yet ready to see the light of day. When writing makefiles there are a few logic … Continue reading

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