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Mozbuild Conversion Estimates

mozbuild conversion estimates =============================   Back in June/July time estimates were made for completion of the mozbuild conversions. Stats were based on elapsed time for wip conversion bugs.  Bug dependencies, variables to convert, etc.  Some time has elapsed but here … Continue reading

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mozbuild conversion status

Hmmm one month has elapsed since the last conversion blog post so it is proably time for a status update. If you are interested in expediting migration of a project over to mozbuild or helping out with the conversion effort … Continue reading

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How you can help with conversions.

If you would like to help out with conversions simply begin maintaining build information within the file along with porting existing content. Logic to support individual variables will need to exist within mozbuild before porting can take … Continue reading

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mozbuild variable conversions part deux

mozbuild conversions are ongoing, the following is a status update around progress. The following variables are now supported by mozbuild. Any content changes or addition to them should be made within directory specific files rather than editing ASFILES … Continue reading

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Subject: Transition to mozbuild: ASFILES – Assembly language

Subject: Transition to mozbuild: ASFILES – Assembly language source files   Part #1 of the mozbuild conversion for bug 869135 has landed:   This patch has added ability to define lists of assembly language files within mozbuild configuration.  Files … Continue reading

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Transitioning to

If you have been wondering about status for the transition to mozbuild as a replacement for makefile infrastructure, a source is becoming available. People involved with the conversion have been meeting bi-weekly on the topic – details and content can … Continue reading

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Creating directories by dependency now a little easier Bug 750303 has landed and will help make dependent directory creation for {+/-nop} builds a bit easier. Current handling involves generating dependencies with the mkdir_deps library function then listing them as explicit target pre-requisites within a makefile:     lib-preqs … Continue reading

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