Creating directories by dependency now a little easier

Bug 750303 has landed and will help make dependent directory creation for {+/-nop} builds a bit easier.

Current handling involves generating dependencies with the mkdir_deps library function then listing them as explicit target pre-requisites within a makefile:

    lib-preqs = $(call mkdir_deps,install_dir)
    my-lib-targets: $(lib-preqs)

Bug 750303 has added a new set of GENERATED_DIRS_* variables to handle dep/directory creation. Variables are assigned a simple list of directories that will be automagically created when a target is processed.

    GENERATED_DIRS_export := foo
    GENERATED_DIRS_libs := bar tans
    GENERATED_DIRS_tools := fans

WRT the ‘_tools’ variable, a fans directory will be created when ‘make tools’ is invoked and the fans/ directory does not already exist.

Using a variable assignment the -preqs example above can now be written as:

    GENERATED_DIRS_libs := install_here
    include $(topsrcdir)/config/

    libs:: tests/
    $(CP) $< install_here

One item of note: GENERATED_DIRS_* will also be a stepping stone for converting makefiles into synatx. When directory creation logic has been isolated within a fixed set of variables they can easily be identified and extracted in bulk for conversion.

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